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Christmas Day is coming soon, do not you worry about Christmas Hermes Bag back Well it? Bag is essential for a single product of female friends, women in this life have to have so few wild pack.

Hermes Fish Stripe the finest ingredients, carefully making, to create the perfect, every detail to bring you to enjoy the luxury of texture, lines, simple yet elegant atmosphere, decorated with elegant and unique dual-fusion Institute of thick wind.

Because unlike Hermes 2011 Bags, design wild, reckless street rock flavor, especially outside the bag zipper bags are tied with a head the same color leather cord, easy to ride with one hand when you can easily pull pocket. Flip Hermes Victoria, definitely makes you sing full range of children!

Refined and restrained, yet classic character, so that the entire section Hermes Birkin proud of your upper body immediately increase site popularity, simple and yet the trend, is a wild bag, MM can Mei Mei with a variety of clothes to go shopping.

Elegant and stylish appearance to create simple style Birkin Bag, upper PU unique texture, impeccable decorative hardware to create attractive details, the natural elegance into this season, and sometimes return to the primitive state of nature is even more heart, so the bag to add a graceful natural temperament.

I admit that he and other Hermes Kelly less useful than it is necessary concave shape, but friends, dinner party PARTY ah what, can all be used, really a bit like a soap-box shape, skull shape is very delicate Oh, I think this is a niche models, like the people will love it.

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London, UK artists Billie Achilleos again for Hermes Birkin into new members.

Remember before before Billie Achilleos forBirkin Bagdesigned and manufactured a series of Hermes Kelly and accessories for the material of the cute animals do? The Hermes 2011 Bags store in Sydney to celebrate the opening, Billie Achilleos Hermes Card Caseis used as material, in Rome's famous animals in Australia as the creation of objects, so you can see kangaroos of Australia's most famous, of course, this is his creative focus. Each look back once his creation, feel every single product is so in its place, it may no longer admire him again.

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French luxury brand Hermes Brikin,I must mention her classic Hermes bag. Ordinary Hermes bag about 5 million people, if it is crocodile skin and ostrich skin, then the price is even more unattainable. Prices, although expensive, but definitely be value for money, because this package has a Hermes Hermes harness manufacture traditional craftsmanship, and production of the entire manufacturing process is still the top saddle, are using the traditional manual approach, each packet packages are carefully sewn stitch, which means that you want to get a Hermes bag, takes about half a year or so. Of course, precisely because of this rigorous production process, in order to establish her in the fashion circle is not impregnable position.

Hermes Bag regarded as a status symbol, to tell you who has the most Birkin Bag really doing my part that Mrs. Beckham, the Spice Girls bell Aiaimashi for all to see, can be said to carry a Birkin Bag Queen, newspapers and magazines on board a Her various legends he has Hermes Birkin Hermes bag 800, and all the models have been incorporated into her pocket. This allows the number of women whom the world jealous ah

Move to AC Milan's David Beckham to live in this fashion capital Milan, no worries about money, nowhere to spend. British media recently broke, he gave wife Victoria, a expensive Hermes bag, the price actually up to 80,000 pounds!

This white handbag called "Bo Jinxi Himalayan", known by the French luxury brand Hermes design, package body covered with large and small diamonds, there are three locking on Juzuan carats, the world only three, a lot of thought Beckham was to find ways to picking. £ 80,000 converted into yuan, about 83 million, in the end in the UK can buy anything? "Sun" examples to illustrate this bag with the "style" - £ 80,000 can buy a big house like yacht. Do not blame Beckham, who told his wife would like this bag. She almost Hermes Birkin and Kelly series all collected together, the most expensive priced at more than 20 million yuan.
Eye-catching orange leather Hermes bag

With the orange handbag, orange chest that does not seem earth-shattering that the Beckhams in the choice of color when the package is very particular about. Wear colorful clothing, and clothing color choice similar to, or choose a color in the clothing section of the package, together with an overall sense. If the clothing is no color line, then choose more colorful of the package, you can break the boredom, add highlights. Fortunately, the color of Hermes enough pretty enough, can always find the right clothing to coordinate with, no wonder the Beckhams love it.

Birkin Bag can be considered a status symbol, do not know the total Beckhams frequently photographed carrying it, is really in love with the boxy, angular astronomical Hermes bag, Hermes bags, Hermes bags, or just to show that her husband is not an ordinary money. However, there is one advantage is that, with any piece of clothing do not worry, because the colors of the Birkin Bag, have long been her bag. It seems that she really is a Hermes shop in the VIP package, and so Duoaimashi package, most people have a number of years can wait ah.
Customize the color pink Hermes bag is very delicate, this package price is lower than four hundred thousand yuan will not, provided that if you can buy it

Ladies dress and unique flavor, this wine can not do without a decorative red stitching bag, , Hermes bag is also fully compatible with the continuation of the high waist in the style of dress. Particularly fond of this set, OL is worth learning from. Color is also very good.
Black Hermes, which is the highest rate on the mirror Hermes bag

Whether true or occasion, to see shows, attend events, daily life, family day, often seen holding a paper in Victoria black birkin, SO, remember the words of Pauline Lan, no matter what you wear, it is Jia Xian, or the ordinary jeans, Take as long as a brand Hermes bag, the momentum will be a lot stronger. It seems like only she really is too wrapped.

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